The diploma and bachelor thesis are usually composed of two parts – theoretical and practical passages. The ratio of the two parts should be approximately 1: 1 (better evaluated if the practical part is more comprehensive than theoretical, eg 2: 1), but it is always individual by topic.

The theoretical background should be written according to the goal of the work and should be completely subordinate to it. It is advisable to mention directly the sentence: “Depending on the objective of the work, there is a need within the theoretical part …” and further describe everything that this passage will contain. The theoretical part must characterize what will be analyzed in the practical part.

In general, the content of the theoretical part of the diploma or bachelor thesis should be the introduction of the most important findings that have been identified so far within the framework of the chosen issue – ie the definition of basic concepts and contexts, the presentation of approaches of individual experts and conducted researches or studies. It is advisable to structure the text from more general to more detailed, according to a pre-thought out outline. Individual areas should be separated into separate chapters, more detailed subdivisions are suitable for subchapters – usually a three-level breakdown is usually recommended so that the work is not lost in clarity.

Although the theoretical part is basically based on quoted text citations, it should not be just a compilation – it is advisable for the student to actively intervene in the text, eg to add his / her own opinion to the described topic, to compare individual approaches, and to point out differences of opinions of individual experts , he summed up each chapter with his own words and made it an output. Although an overview of all possible existing information cannot be expected, at least the most important aspects should be mentioned.

When creating the theoretical part of the thesis, it is important to use a sufficient number of sources – usually this passage has at least 30 pages and it is not possible to use only 5 cited sources. It can be said that the more resources and the more diverse these resources are, the better – the most important should be professional publications, but it is also appropriate to use relevant articles, serious electronic resources, proceedings, legislative documents, etc., not only Czech but also foreign . About 30 or more sources are recommended, but, of course, if a very specific topic is being processed, of which much has not yet been written, it is logical that resources will be used less.