The practical part of the diploma or bachelor thesis should always be crucial and it must be emphasized in the process of writing. The student demonstrates that he / she can apply the theoretical knowledge that he / she has absorbed within the framework of his / her studies in the theoretical part. Unlike the previous theory, the master can do more, present his thoughts, opinions, expertise, logical thinking and creative abilities. In any case, the text must be of a high professional level, the correct terminology and methods must be used.

The concrete content of the practical part is usually a solution to a problem – the student must be able to take a position and support them with relevant arguments. Usually, the solution is not just one thing, it is a matter of finding an acceptable path from your own perspective and defending it.

So what is the practical part about? Usually it is research, or some analysis, and the steps of the practical part must be logical. The starting point is the introduction of the methodology – here is defined the problem that will be solved and, depending on it, the objective of the research is set. The goal of the research also determines the method to be used, based on the determination of research assumptions (hypotheses), which will be subsequently verified, or research questions to be answered (usually a simpler option). The methodology must be described precisely and truly precisely – so that the entire research can be repeated at any time, but concisely and rather briefly.

The research itself is based on the methodology – its course must be described as it actually took place. It is crucial to describe the results of the research, on the basis of which the presumptions will be evaluated or the research questions answered. Tables and graphs are used (numbered, simple and soberly processed), with comments.

The most important part is the discussion. It should be structured in the wake of the results, whether it is divided into subchapters or written in one section. The findings are correlated with the expertise gathered in the theoretical passage – it is not a problem, if not consistent, just to explain how it happened, what is the cause.

Because the practical part is really very important and often feared by the students, it is necessary to pay due attention to it.