The bachelor’s or master’s thesis is written, you are waiting for the evaluation and the only thing left is to prepare for the defense. To do this, you need to prepare a powerpoint presentation. If you’ve ever worked with this program, it’s not going to be difficult for you.

It is advisable to follow a few basic rules when creating a presentation to defend the thesis. The first is the number of slides. Approximately 10 to 15 slides (1 slide per minute of defense) are eligible for defense, with the defense being considered to take about 15 minutes. More is no longer appropriate.

It is also necessary to realize one basic fact in creating a presentation, which is the contrast of the background and the color of the text. It is definitely not advisable to choose a photo as the background of the presentation (even if it is related to the topic of your final thesis). Power point offers several preset backgrounds to choose from or create your own (ideally a single-color or color transition). I recommend you to choose a dark background and a white font, or a lot of light background and black font, forget about the white background and the yellow font, etc.

As a font, a sans-serif font (Arial, etc.) is used for presentations because it is easier to read. Font size also plays a role. For headings around 32 and more and around 20 for continuous text. If you need to place more text on the slides than you would to reduce the font, split it into two slides. In general, it is recommended that you do not create a presentation as a coherent text, but as a series of points (bullets) for which you are talking in defense. It does not work well when you are defending your backs to listeners and reading text from a presentation or computer.

Appropriate additions to the presentation are pictures, charts or tables. Only a graph or a table that you can comment on in defense and explain its content and meaning can be on the slide. If you can replace the text with a chart or table, do it. Watch your animation. On the one hand, the animation is engaging, on the other hand it depends on which power point variant you are working with and what is on the computer that will be in the classroom where the defense will take place. Not always compatible. You can also set slide transitions or soundtracks, but try to see what it looks like on another computer with a different power point.