When the diploma or bachelor thesis is done – it is tied up in the records and handed to the supervisor, there is no choice but to wait for the verdict – for evaluation. The final mark reflects not only the professional qualities of the work, but also the diligence, diligence, or activity of the student throughout the entire work. After long weeks of hard writing, most aspirants for a particular grade are no longer important and are particularly satisfied when the thesis is admitted to the defense and the student can appear before the commission as a state exam.

However, there is one more important task left in connection with the qualification work – the aforementioned defense. The work must be presented in such a way that the student convinces the committee that he understands the topic, that he has plunged into the problem in sufficient depth and that he is carrying something into practice.

Above all, the presentation of the final thesis should be comprehensible – not always are the members of the committee dedicated to the topic, and although they have a broad professional perspective, it is possible that the student is even more dedicated to the topic – if so, is important to sell the acquired knowledge. The student must be able to express himself / herself so as to arouse the interest of the listeners, he / she must speak confidently. The student should also look at the topic of the work in a broader context – for example, how important the issue is for other fields, how the information can be used, where the results are useful (and for whom).

It is therefore necessary to think through the presentation of the thesis and to prepare a list of points that the student will talk about – there must be no situation where the diploma is silent and looking for words. A perfect consideration of the details can then (even to some extent) prevent a member of the commission from asking such a question that the student will not know the answer to – and even if it does, there is no need to break down the nerve – it is always possible to think loudly over the lying by asking and logically trying to find a suitable solution – the commission will evaluate it clearly better than the sad silence or self-confident questioning.

The student should present his / her thesis presentation at home, preferably alone, or use family members or fellow students – you can get feedback and learn what to focus on, what to do or what to omit from the presentation .

Well prepared presentation, supported by PowerPoint, will help to keep the topic and not lose the thread, moreover, the student looks more professional. The presentation must be properly conceived both in terms of content and visuality, or timing of images.