The topic of the diploma or bachelor thesis is crucial for the whole text, but its choice is not easy – in the first place it is necessary to think about the topic well in advance. At the latest when the diploma seminar starts, the supervisor will want to know what your idea is at least in general – whether the work will be theoretical or with practical application (it should be added that the second option is clearly more appropriate and generally better evaluated) applied to an example of a company, whether you have a “ally” in a given company, which method will be used to solve the problem, etc. A school library with archived works from previous years can be a good source of inspiration for the student – it is possible to get a fairly good idea of ​​what can be done in process, how, to what extent, to what depth, by what methods, etc.

Some students appreciate when they are offered “already thought-out” topics, or at least circuits where they can then choose a more specific focus; other graduates prefer to be free to choose the topic freely, only within a given field of study. In any case, it is desirable that the topic of the student is interested – there is nothing more difficult than writing a professional and infinitely long text about something that the individual does not enjoy, and what does not use in any way.

Consultation with the supervisor can only be recommended during the topic selection phase – on the one hand, the student shows his / her activity and responsibility, as well as his / her confidence in the expert’s expertise – all of which is positively appreciated when evaluating the final work. In addition, the student’s student can direct in time, for example, when he / she chooses a topic for his / her bachelor thesis that would not be sufficient for a dissertation or a topic that can be exhausted within a multi-page seminar.

The work should ideally describe the unspecified, bring a new view of the matter, or at least in an original way map the current issues. Works that can be devoted to the theme of “hundreds of times” are well appreciated, but they are beneficial to the subject, for example, by tailoring them to a specific company with specific baseline parameters and problems – offering them suggestions and recommendations on how to improve practice and this is mainly about using the studied issue in practice.